Page Partnership

Catalogue Design
Page Partnership offers membership to an exclusive group of promotional product distributors, offering them an industry leading catalogue, both printed and online with a complete software solution.

The introduction for this annual project was through a printer at a networking event – Tony Herbert of Print 2 Please, based in Coventry.

The brief, to annually design and present template designs for a new look catalogue to Brian Hayward, Director of Page Partnership and a steering committee made up from some 40 members of his promotional product associated distribution companies.

Internally, we design template ideas for the 14 sections of the catalogue to include: font selection, a suite of colours, cut out tabbing style, icons for individual product production and delivery scenarios, technical dimensions and layouts for each product box, product photography and cut out style, as well as guidelines for third party supplier advert design.

Once approved and the 1,400 products to go into the catalogue are chosen, relevant copy is written and pricing structures devised, the setting can commence. Due to the tight deadlines and changing nature of the project we commit five of our design team to go and work ‘in house’ at the Page Partnership offices in Leamington Spa. The challenges we face are: the tight deadline, only five weeks (from the last week in March through to the end of April) to set 176 pages of products, all have photographic cut out requirements (some of these are outsourced to India on a two day turnaround), individual copy and pricing structures.

Once each individual page has been signed off and approved by Brian Hayward, the artwork is produced, imposed electronically and sent to the web printer. The catalogue is then printed, with some of the 53,000 being tabbed, before the catalogues are shipped to the 40 associate members ready for the start of the new promotional catalogue season on 1 June.

The measurements of success on this project are these:
Did we hit the 1 May deadline to send the artwork to the printer?
Did the associate members and their customers like the aesthetics of the catalogue design?
Did resulting sales rise for promotional products in the forthcoming year?

In all cases over a two year period we have exceeded expectations and sales are up 8%. This success is due to: the production of clear, coherent and dynamic template designs, at the setting stage having experienced catalogue designers who are flexible and fast workers. At the sign off stage it is imperative to have the presence of mind and high attention to detail to spot any mistakes (both small and large) and implement the changes quickly.