Burrows Grass Machinery

Corporate Identity
Burrows Grass Machinery have over sixty years of experience and are the largest distributor of grass machinery in the Midlands. Moo Design were asked to give them a new corporate brand for their anniversary.

Burrows Grass Machinery have over sixty years of experience and are the largest distributor of grass machinery in the Midlands. They are part of a much larger group – the Rubery Owen Group, which has been at the forefront of automotive component technology since the birth of the motor car. At it’s height the company employed 17,000 people worldwide, with 5,000 of those skilled workers based at the 74 acre site in Booth Street, Darlaston.

Moo Design was introduced to the Managing Director – Clive Watton by a relative of the group’s Chairman and asked to ‘raise the profile of the company’ in readiness for their 60th anniversary.

A straightforward exercise to devise a ‘new look’ for their corporate brand, utilising their long standing and well known logo, synonymous with quality and expertise in ground care machinery in the Midlands. The work involved sourcing and creating relevant graphic elements, such as ‘rolling green hills’ representing space and a timeless feel, for the footer of all the marketing material and the 60 years anniversary logo bordered by ‘laurels’ reflecting the group’s involvement with the automotive component industry.

The campaign had three parts:
Firstly, the design and production of an A4 eight page brochure showcasing the company’s wide range of equipment, their suppliers and how that machinery is utilised by multi user service providers (private, corporate and civic) in many varying activities. These were handed out to prospective clients at trade and country shows and mailed out as a ‘cross selling tool’ to existing customers.

Secondly, the 60th anniversary, a celebration of the company’s achievements and transformation from their earliest days selling cast iron sit on mowers through to the high tech precision hydraulic green cutters of today. This story was encapsulated perfectly with a limited edition ‘promotional box set’ which illustrated the journey from old to new on the side of a duraglaze ceramic mug, the 60th anniversary crest emblazoned on a coaster and the visual story of various other pieces of machinery illustrated around the six sides of the box. Other collateral included: corporate stationery and promotional digitally printed ballpoint pens.

Finally, an annual seasonal reinforcement campaign (which usually takes place in December) for all existing customers who are sent out branded A1 wall planner posters, pocket and desk diaries and travel thermos mugs.

In the current times of austerity it has been crucial for the company to stay at the fore front of their customers minds (especially with the drop in golf course memberships and local authority budget constraints) and at the pinnacle of technological progress. It’s about having the ability to provide not only a wide range of credible and dynamic products, but also the expert customer service which extends from the showroom, through to the servicing department and reps out selling on the road – adding value to their core offering.
Burrows Grass Machinery have weathered these challenges by proactively engaging with their customer base, reinforcing their message through bolstering their brand and being ‘a cut above the rest’ by mobilising these three campaigns.