Premier Components

Brand Development & Management
Premier Components is Europe’s leading core supplier. 
They specialise in the purchase and supply of all types of passenger car, light and heavy commercial core products.

We first started working for Premier Components in 2004 when they were based in Nuneaton, Warwickshire. The introduction was from their then managing director – Ian Buxcey who had experienced our design work from being a member at Olton & West Warwickshire Sports Club, based in Solihull, back in 2001. We regular designed and sent out membership renewal forms, newsletters and latterly implemented a member share scheme.

Premier Components then moved to Long Marston where they were able to expand the business. Not only in terms of sheer physical warehouse capacity, but also their reach into the global markets where they have become trusted global core brokers in: passenger car, light and heavy commercial products, as well as specialists in turbo components.

So how have Moo Design contributed to this success? Firstly, the ability to maintain and grow a congruent look for their three marketing brands (Premier Components UK Limited, Turbocharger Systems Limited and through the inevitable turmoil that three management structure changes in 15 years bring.

Secondly, manage the diversity of language translations (French, German, Spanish, Russian and Polish) across their suite of exhibition and trade show materials which have included: pop up and pull up banner stands, posters, marketing leaflets and brochures, promotional products, travel accessories, e-shots and e-brochures, newspaper and trade magazine adverts, corporate stationery and business cards.

Thirdly, to foster good links and referral opportunities with Danny Edwards, Managing Director and Mark Garrison, Chairman of the group.

Premier Components is a great example of how a professional and consistent corporate identity can help a business to rapidly expand in both the UK and across Europe.