Highway Traffic Management

Brand Creation, Development & Managment
Highway Traffic Management, established in 1995, are one of the most reliable and experienced temporary traffic management companies in the country, strategically based under
Spaghetti Junction in Birmingham.

This is a prime example of Moo Design branding Birmingham one organisation at a time. The personal introduction to Keith Baldwin, Managing Director was made to Moo Design back in 1999 by the then Head of Warwickshire Bridges and Structures Officer – Andy Savage. The Birmingham based company was formed just four years previously in 1995 and last year saw them celebrate 20 years in the industry.

We have been working with Keith and his other senior managers for over 16 years. The first project was to design and produce a six page A4 corporate brochure in their then yellow, red and blue livery. Since then the Company has grown exponentially with over 16 permanent staff and at busy times over 65 trained operatives working in gangs out on the highways in the Midlands and associated regions.

The company’s turnover has more than trebled since we have been working with Highway Traffic Management, reflecting their proactive desire to market themselves in different ways to many different audiences. The collateral that we have been involved with has included: two further corporate identity programmes, including the re-design of: stationery, websites, exhibition and trade show stands, printed information and promotional products, golf day merchandise, vehicle livery, newsletters (hard and soft), e-shots, e-brochures and the pride of their managing director – their corporate golfing umbrellas! On the outside they look perfectly normal and corporate, but on the inside there’s something visual you might not expect. You’ll have to ask to have a game of golf sometime to find out.

The company based under Spaghetti Junction is ideally based for the Midlands regional motorway network and is a member of numerous trade bodies. It is constantly communicating to the industry about the ways they conduct themselves on the highways, using groundbreaking and innovative ideas and procedures to keep the traffic flowing safely. They have successfully become one of the most reliable and experienced temporary traffic management companies in the country. Moo Design has become a trusted partner, utilised to devise and implement the growth of their brand.