RT National Sporting Weekend

Brand Creation, Development & Management
Every year Round Table of Britain & Ireland hold a
Sporting Weekend for Tablers to compete against each other in various activities, then celebrate their successes with fun and fellowship. They asked for our help in brand creation.

We have highlighted this piece of creative work as one worthy of mention even though it is outside of our normal client industries! It illustrates our ability and tenacity to work with a client and fulfil every possible marketing and PR requirement of pre-event build up (over 13 months), event management (over one long weekend) and post event press coverage.

The brief was to market fun and stimulating information to the 8,000 members of Round Tables Britain and Ireland. The idea was to entice them to take part and enjoy some fun and fellowship at the National Sporting Weekend in Birmingham.

The first design challenge was to devise a logo for the event, then create a mascot (Brummie The Bull From Birmingham – made sense!) and then market to Tablers at an event in Cardiff prior to Birmingham.

The second challenge was working with a 16 strong committee who signed off the implementation of double sided, "cut to shape" (Brummie The Bull) beer mats to leave in participants rooms and across communal activity sites on the Cardiff campus. This promotional vehicle included booking information and package prices for the forthcoming event.

Simultaneously an e-commerce website was launched and then a monthly e-shot to the whole of the membership of young men (18-45 years) in Britain and Ireland.

The whole campaign centred around ‘Brummie’ the Birmingham mascot doing different sporting and fun activities, which became the centrepiece and topic to talk about each month in e-shots, website and social media.

The actual event was heralded a super success as the target of 500 tablers was reached. The main venue, Birmingham City University, provided the accommodation. While, Birmingham, one of the best party cities in the UK, provided the backdrop and probably the best place to have a curry for the final night party held at New Bingley Hall. The sporting facilities were superb too – the Birmingham Uni Sports Field and Munrow Athletics Track.

The marketing and branded collateral prior to and during the event were as follows: e-commerce website, photography of Brummie in sporting and social action, monthly e-shots, Tabler magazine adverts, Facebook and Twitter campaigns, logo, beer mats, pin badges, delegate package labels, branded lanyard and pouch with A7 fold out agenda and sports rules, general and sporting signage.

We’d like to share with you our biggest challenge of the project which we were truly proud of resolving with a seamless solution. The A7 fold out agenda and sports rules card was always going to be a challenge. Designing an ‘information vehicle’ with so much diverse information from: timetable, sporting rules, map, sponsors adverts and dignitary comments, is fraught with danger, as all that information changing constantly before the print deadline. The print side of the job went well, but when we went to fold it conventionally on a folding machine, we found that the design would not have portrayed the intended message correctly.

Thankfully a solution was found (remotely by our head of design with a piece of paper, whilst in the Olympic stadium!), he translated this via phone to the printers and the job was folded by hand and delivered on time. This shows what can be done when you work as a team and we are delighted to be able to share this work as part of our portfolio.